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Manufacturing solutions to your problems!

At Lyons Industries, experience and quality are the standards. We do our best to satisfy our customers’ needs. No matter what the project size, we customize to fit our customers’ specifications. Whether you need a common or specialized product, we have the ability to produce it.

Rail Car TrucksINDUSTRIAL RAIL CAR AND LOCOMOTIVE TRUCKS: LI manufactures and repairs rail car and locomotive trucks, standard or custom. We also weld and machine worn wheels and axles for industrial applications. We convert trucks and other machinery to use standard AP bearings.

Welded Rolls, Hardened Pins, ShaftingWELDED ROLLS, HARDENED PINS, SHAFTING: LI offers new and repaired hard-surfaced rolls of almost any size, with up to 55-60 Rockwell hardness. Our products include hardened pins and bushings with hard surface overlays to 60-65 Rockwell.

Wire Rope Hoist DrumsWIRE ROPE HOIST DRUMS: LI has decades of experience building and repairing wire rope hoist drums. We completely rebuild or manufacture new drums to your specifications. We manufacture new crane wheels, axles, gears, and shafting, and convert friction bearing machinery to roller and ball bearings. We rebuild hoist blocks and manufacture new parts for them, including sheaves, shafts, side plates and bumpers.

Submerged Arc WeldingREPAIR CAPABILITIES: We feature submerged arc welding, machining, and structural and mechanical fabrication to meet our customers' needs. We have a wide variety of large lathes and mills, as well as grinders, presses, plate shears, saws, and welders.

AC and DC Motor RepairLEMCO - Lyons Electric Motor Company: Our motor division repairs large AC and DC Motors, specializing in DC Traction Motors and Generators for railroad and industrial use. We rewind armatures and fields and perform re-insulation and commutator and brush holder repairs.