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Company Information

Lyons Industries provides skilled welding, machining, and fabricating to a wide variety of customers. We have successfully completed countless jobs for heavy industries including steel mills, mining and quarrying companies, engineering firms, railroads, and power generating stations. No matter the size of the job, we have the capabilities to produce quality products.

Our facility has the ability to handle large projects. We specialize in new and rebuilt industrial rail car and locomotive trucks, wire rope hoist drums and blocks, crane wheels, axles, gears and bearings, and hardened rolls and pins. Our employees have decades of experience and are extremely knowledgeable. Because of this we are able to produce custom projects to exact customer specifications.

Our LEMCO division (Lyons Electric Motor Company), produces high quality rebuilt rotating machinery for industrial applications. LEMCO specializes in the repair and remanufacturing of industrial AC and DC motors and generators for the railroad industry, heavy industry, and power generation companies. Employees of LEMCO have over 25 years experience with electric motor repair. We offer repair of DC and AC motors, brake motors, generators, traction motors and gearboxes. Our large facility and transportation fleet enable us to serve a large customer base.