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Lyons Industries Cable Repair History

At age 32, James H. Lyons, Jr., began vulcanizing or 'hot patching' DC mining cable in the basement of his home in the evenings after working days in a coal mine. He soon founded 'Lyons Cable Repair Service'.

In 1957, after repairing mine cables for about three years, he foresaw the future of reclaiming mine car wheels and mine locomotive axle assemblies by submerged arc welding. He built a small building and set up two welding heads and employed his first five employees. His process of submerged-arc welding was recognized by the Western Pennsylvania mining industry.

By 1963, the operation had outgrown the building. Mr Lyons relocated his growing business to its present location on Route 22, today known as Admiral Peary Highway. At that time he began dealing with the steel industry, where submerged-arc welding was again accepted as a valuable repair method. During this growth period, he increased his equipment, started doing assembly work, and started to furnish a variety of new parts at the steel industry's request.

In 1977, James H. Lyons, III, began managing operations and sales, and expanded into more areas of the steel mills. He began rebuilding industrial locomotives and mine cars, and began repairing rolls. New submerged-arc welding processes were utilized, increasing production and advancing Lyons Cable Repair's range of work.

In 1988, a second building was added to the facility for fabrication, expanding the company's range outside the steel industry.

In the intervening years, the company grew from two welding heads to twenty-one, and added large lathes, mills, several presses, and various other machining, fabrication, and assembly equipment with the ability to serve many industrial needs. Just as weld repair had replaced cable repair, general machining and fabricating eventually replaced submerged arc welding as the primary focus of the company.

After the death of his father in 1998, James H. Lyons, III renamed the company to Lyons Industries, Inc. to better reflect its diverse abilities. He has continued to adhere to the high standards established by his father as a foundation for the company.