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Industrial Rail Car Trucks - Wheels - Axles

Industrial rail car trucks wheel and axles imageWe rebuild the most popular rail car trucks as well as sell reconditioned units. Our reconditioning includes the wheels and axles and the frames. Most of our customers include; shortline railroads, museums, steel mills and scrap yards.

We offer unit exchange on EMD 1000 and EMD 1500 series trucks. This is an excellent option for small operations.

We convert crane and rail trucks to state of the art AP Bearings. This allows for little to no maintenance especially for field applications. It also increases the efficiency of the equipment in comparison with friction drives.

Transportation for your repair is never a problem. We have our own trucks as well as a network of reliable shippers to ensure transportation will never be an issue.

We have an excellent machining and fabrication shop to handle repairs to most industrial handling equipment. We have the capabilities to fabricate new truck frames, cars and can assist in designing cars for special applications.