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Rail Car Trucks - Technical Information

Product and Repair Capabilities for Rail Car Trucks


  • Welding and machining of Locomotive Wheels
    Sizes: 10" to 44" (Maximum 1 1/2 " Build-up)

  • Welding and machining of Crane Wheels and Flanges
    Sizes: 8" to 36" (Maximum 1 1/2" Build-up)

  • Wheels are turned to restore contour needed for A.A.R.

  • New Wheels - New Rail Car Wheels in stock
    Sizes: 33", 36" and 40" ready to be pressed on axles.
    Almost any size crane or locomotive wheel can be supplied with a slight waiting period, depending on size required.


  • Welding and machining of Axles, Journal Ends, Conveyor Belt Journals and Motor Mounts

  • Conversion - Convert friction type to A.P. type axles.
    Sizes: 5x9, 6x11, 6 1/2x12, 5 1/2x10, 7x14
    Most bearings required after conversion are in stock or can be supplied by the customer.
  • New Axles - Friction Axles or A.P. Axles made for freight car applications, such as Ingot Cars, Quench Trucks, Cinder Ladle Cars, Buckeye Trucks, Locomotive Trucks, Pony Trucks, and Mine Car Trucks.
    Locomotive Axles are also made to A.P. - Friction axle application.

Rebuilding and Repairing of Rail Car Trucks:

  • Repair of all Quench Trucks, Ingot Cars, Cinder Ladles, Buckeye and Pony Trucks, Locomotive Trucks and Mine Car Trucks to A.A.R. specifications
  • Conversion of these truck and car designs to fit A.P. axle application.