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Wheels & Axles - Rail Car Trucks


  • Rail car wheel and axle imageLocomotive Wheels- weld & machine to sizes 10" to 44" (max. 1 ½" build-up)
  • Crane Wheels & Flanges- weld & machine to sizes 8" to 36" (max. 1 ½" build-up)
  • Wheels are turned to restore contour needed for A.A.R
  • New Wheels in sizes 33" and 40" are kept in stock and ready to be pressed on axles
  • Almost any size crane or locomotive wheel can be supplied with a nominal waiting period, depending on size requirements
  • Wheels supplied by customers can be pressed on within a week


Welding and Machining of:

  • Axles
  • Journal Ends
  • Conveyor Belts Journals
  • Motor Mounts

  • Conversion- convert Friction type to A.P. type axles
    Sizes: 5 X 9, 6 X 11, 6 ½ X 12, 5 ½ X 10, 7 X 14 Most bearings required after conversions are in stock OR can be supplied by the customer.
  • New Axles- Friction Axles or A.P. Axles made for Freight Car applications such as: Ingot Cars, Quench Trucks, Cinder Ladle Cars, Locomotive Trucks, Pony Trucks and Mine Car Trucks