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Conversion of Crane Trucks

Lyons Industries offers conversion of crane trucks from brass or SKF bearings to new Timken AP bearings. With these new bearings our customers can expect more efficient and economical trucks that will run with a better side load factor.

Maintenance is virtually eliminated and the bearings should last the lifetime of the wheel. After the conversion the customer’s repair costs can be up to 50% less with the new AP bearings.

We recommend conversion to our customers because of the ever increasing cost of the almost obsolete brass and SKF bearings. In most cases, to save costs on a conversion, we can reuse the bearing boxes or modify the boxes with minimal changes to the existing design.

Crane Truck Diagram Details

Figure 1

crane truck diagram (figure 1)

Figure 2 (Click On Diagram To Enlarge)

crane truck diagram (figure 2)