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Submerged Arc Welding

Lyons Industries utilizes submerged arc welding in most of our services and applications. We have over 40 years of combined experience with diversified welding of both round and flat items.

The advantages and benefits of submerged arc welding.

Submerged arc welding provides a purer and cleaner high volume weld which is also faster than traditional welding methods. When you have a large volume of welds, submerged arc welding provides a more consistent and higher quality weld. With items like rolls and hoist drums, submerged arc welding is preferred due the welding volume and the variety of contours.

Submerged arc welding also provides a pure weld than can be x-rayed when testing, unlike other welding methods.

The weld ranges from actual welding wire or hard surface to special developed wire and ranging in sizes from 6' O.D. to 3" O.D. and lengths up to 15'

Here are some photos illustrating the submerged arc welding used at Lyons Industries.

submerged arc welding imagesubmerged arc welding image

submerged arc welding imagesubmerged arc welding image