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AC Industrial Motor Repair

LEMCO specializes in repairing AC motors and generators for the steel, railroad, and mining industries.

LEMCO is able to repair and test your open frame, totally enclosed, explosion proof, vertical, or wound rotor motors with random wound or formed coils, from 600 to 3600 rpm, in NEMA 'T' frames to 449T, NEMA 'U' frames to 504U, older NEMA frames to 505, and various specialty and O.E.M. motors.

With the facilities of our extensive machine shop, we can manufacture replacement shafts and gears, cut keyways, repair housings and bearing fits, reproduce missing parts, balance rotors, and test run motors under no load. We can convert many friction bearing machines to roller and ball bearings for reduced maintenance.

We have extensive experience with obsolete and oddball machinery and will often repair motors and machinery that other shops cannot.