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DC Traction Motor Repair

LEMCO offers basic repair service as well as extended repair service on DC traction motors. We offer unit exchange on traction motors and 24 hour emergency service.

The motors we repair include:

EMD: D77, D87, D67, D57, D47, D37, D27, D17

GE: 752, 763, 838, 748, 747, 733, 731

Westinghouse: 908, 362, 1443

Our Basic Traction Motor Repair:

  • Remove pinion, dismantle, clean and check parts.
  • Steam clean, bake, and test armature, interpoles, and series fields.
  • Perform complete electrical test of armature, including: ground test, megger, DC hipot, and bar-to-bar testing.
  • Perform interpole and series field testing, including: ground test, megger, DC hipot, and voltage drop testing.
  • Inspect and test all motor leads.
  • Inspect mechanicals, including: micrometer inspection of all bearings, shaft extensions, and mating surface fits.
  • Clean, inspect, sandblast or ultrasonically clean, and test brush holders.
  • Steam clean, inspect, and clean journals.
  • Turn, undercut, test, and insulate armature.
  • Install new armature bearings.
  • Install and seat new brushes.
  • Test run.
  • Insulate and install covers.
  • Install pinion.
  • Paint motor.

Additional Traction Motor Services:

  • Repair interpoles.
  • Repair series fields.
  • Replace Motor Leads.
  • Repair bearing fits.
  • Replace pinion.
  • Repair and re-insulate internal connections
  • Reband armature.
  • Re-insulate armature.
  • Replace commutator.

For more information or to contact a LEMCO representative please call or click here.