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Rolls & Hardened Pins - Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you with your questions about our steel rolls and hardened pins, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions for your information.

Q: To what hardness can rolls and pins be resurfaced to?

A: Both rolls and pins can be resurfaced to 55 to 60 Rockwell.

Q: Can you make rolls and pins to my specifications?

A: Yes, new rolls and pins can be made to customers drawing specifications or repaired by using various wires to achieve specified hardness and finishes.

Q: What sizes of rolls and pins can you handle?

A: We have the capabilities to handle projects of up to and including 10 ton capabilities, lengths of 26 ft. and diameters of 30”.

Q: What finishes can you achieve?

A: Most rolls can be machine finished to 16 or 32 micro and special or ground finishes are available.

Q: Can you do the disassembly of the bearing boxes?

A: Yes, we can disassemble a chock/ bearing assemblies from the roll, rework the boxes (machine where necessary, install new bearing & grease where applicable) and reassemble for turn key applications.

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