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Steel Roll Re-Manufacturing

In addition to manufacturing new rolls for customers, Lyons also has the ability and experience to remanufacture steel rolls to the specifications and requirements of our customers. Below is an outline of our process for re-manufacturing rolls.

  1. Once the roll is received, the outside material is removed to eliminate impurities and imperfections and to create a surface optimal for applying new material through sub-arc welding.
  2. Lyons then builds up the sides with new material , we can build up to one inch of new material per side. We use hardening wire and sub-arc welding to apply the new material. The benefit of using hardening wire is the harder you work it the harder it becomes, thus improving the strength and quality of the roll.
  3. The roll is finished and inspected and is ready to pick up and delivery. Lyons also provides pick-up and delivery, for more information contact a Lyons representative by phone or by E-mail.