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New Steel Hardened Pins ( Bushings)

Lyons manufactures new pins and bushings for industrial applications from customer's prints and requirements. Pins and bushings are primarily used as connectors for heavy equipment in industrial applications like connecting large buckets, hook blocks and shovels. Pins and bushings are also used in applications like table rolls used in the steel industry.

Lyons uses materials ranging from 1045 to 4140 and can be heat treated as required by the customer for its hardened pins and bushings.

Lyons also offers sub-arc overlay of pins by sub arc welding and overlay for heavy industrial use. We use a 4140 base material with a hard overlay of 3/8" thick per side with a hardness of 58-60 Rockwell C.

Lyons also offers pick up and delivery of pins, for more information about pick up and delivery please contact a representative by phone or by E-mail.